Athletic Facilities Manager Assistant

Essential Functions:
1.) Safely and efficiently operate all field maintenance equipment.
2.)General working knowledge of mechanics and maintaining field equipment.
3.)Ability to work independently on projects.
4.) Ability to communicate with coaches and administrators, and ability to manage student workers. 

Marginal Job Functions: 
1.)Experience operating grounds equipment.
2.)Mechanical experience, and general knowledge of irrigation systems.

Skills Required To Perform The Duties Of The Job:
1.)Understand sport fields, and prepare for game play.
2.)Ability to understand mowing fields for game day.

Educational Requirements:
1.)High School Diploma or GED required.
2.)Any training or hours above H.S. will be considered.

Physical Requirements:
1.)Ability to lift 50 lbs.
2.)Ability to work outside in varying degrees of temperature.

Licensing Or Other Special Certifications Required:
1.)A valid Tennessee Driver's License.
2.)Any certification from training (military or other), or operating heavy equipment will be considered.