Important Testing Center Information

Special Accommodations -- Disability Services accommodations available.

ID Required for ALL Tests -- As specified by the testing companies or Student ID for Bethel University campus tests.  For most testing companies, a government issued ID (i.e. Driver's License, Passport, etc.) is an acceptable form of ID.  The ID has to be a current ID, or the student will not be permitted to test.

Test Scheduling -- All tests must be scheduled to allow plenty of time to complete prior to scheduled closing time of the Bethel University Testing Center. Test takers will not be allowed to stay and finish a test after the Testing Center closes. Test takers will not be allowed to take the test home to finish it or return to complete it at another time.

Personal Items During Testing -- Personal items should be left at home or in your car. Any personal items brought with you to the Testing Center must be stored in one of the lockers provided. Nothing will be allowed in the center but OUR pencils, scrap paper (as applicable) and the test.

Cell Phone Policy -- Cell Phones are not allowed in the Bethel University Testing Center. Test takers should turn off their cell phones and store them in the provided lockers, or they should leave them in their vehicles. NO EXCEPTIONS! In case of emergency, test takers can be reached through the Testing Center Office at 731-352-6921.

Policy on Bringing Guests -- NO one but the person taking the test will be allowed in the Testing Center. There are no children allowed whatsoever. There is no waiting room available for visitors, so please plan accordingly. Test takers may call their rides when their test is complete.