Debra Henline Sullivan

During my 28 years in the medical field, I have had the opportunity to conduct research in nursing, teach BSN and LVN students both on ground and online didactic and clinical formats, coordinate a simulation and a computer lab, practice in administration and clinical areas in the hospital environment, and manage a group of private physicians.   One of the biggest challenges was to consult with nurse educators in a corporate role position for a 17,000 employee hospital system to develop a corporate clinical orientation week for all the hospitals.  I have held the position of Director of Patient and Family Centered Care, Education, and Computer Informatics at a suburban hospital within the hospital system previously mentioned. Presently, I am enjoying a position at Middle Tennessee State University School of Nursing where I am fortunate to part of a dynamic leadership team and also hold appointments as an Assistant Professor on a tenure track and Advanced Simulation Lab Coordinator.

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Deborah Lynne Weatherspoon

Most of my 33 years as a professional nurse has focused on clinical nursing, specifically the role of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). As a CRNA and APN, I enjoyed working autonomously and caring for those in need of my services. During that time I had an opportunity to build my own anesthesia group and provide much needed anesthesia services to underserved rural areas.  My husband and I returned to middle Tennessee in 2003 to be near my parents during the terminal illness of my mother and subsequently, my father. At that time I made the decision to continue my education with a focus on becoming a nurse educator. Following completion of a MSN in nursing education I entered a full time position as Assistant Professor at Middle Tennessee State University School of Nursing.  Simultaneously I began study in a doctoral program and hold a Ph.d in Nursing from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

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