With Bethel’s English major, you can emphasize literature or writing. You can even combine English courses with other disciplines to create Bethel’s Student Initiated Major. You may even choose to couple English as a minor with another major – a strategy that will strengthen the analytical and communication skills you’ll need to be successful in life. 

Bethel’s English department boasts faculty who are widely published authors and accomplished visual artists, actors and musicians who will provide you with the most comprehensive knowledge and experiences in the study of English. Outside the classroom, you’ll benefit from the Mary B. Holmes Fund for Literature, which brings visiting authors to you on campus for special readings and takes you off-campus to plays, performances and readings. Recent graduates of our program have moved into careers in law, communications, business, and education, and since 1990 our graduates have achieved a 100% placement rate into graduate and professional schools – a statistic that shows our commitment to preparing you for life after college.
At Bethel, we do more than simply equip you with the knowledge you need to move toward your career goal. For years, the Bethel community has generated a unique blend of academic and life experiences that fuels the inspiration you’ll need to be successful in the field of English. Not only will you be inspired to create written works of art, but you will also be inspired to look for ways that your work can positively change the world. In an extremely competitive field, this edge will set you apart as someone with so much more than simply an English degree.


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