Music Education

The Major in Music Education

Bachelor of Science Degree

Note: All students seeking teacher licensure in Music (Vocal/Gen K-12 and/or

Instrumental/Gen K-12) must complete this major.

The music education program is a part of the Division of Music in the College of Liberal Arts.

A. Common Core (38 hours)

COE 101

ENG 101, 111, 201, 202

REL 111, 112

MTH 111 (or higher)

Laboratory Science Course

HIS - 6 hours 200 level

HEA 201

PED acti vity (1 hour)

B. Program Core (10-13 hours)*

COE 401 or EDU 446 (Separate Student Teaching Semester)

SOC 111

PSY 211

Laboratory Science Course or 3 hours of math above MTH 111 in additi on to

MTH hours completed in the Common Core

C. Music Educati on Major (35 hours)**

MUS 010 (7 semesters with a grade of P)

MUS 121, 121L, 122, 122L, 221, 226, 227, 228, 229, 301, 302, 303, 304B, 305B,

346, 380, 436

D1. Emphasis in Vocal/General K-12 (22 hours)

MUS 435

Ensembles totaling seven hours with at least four hours from vocal ensembles

Eight hours of applied voice, piano, or guitar

Four hours in one other applied music area or class piano (If the principle

applied instrument is not piano, these hours must be applied piano or class


D2. Instrumental/General K-12 (23 hours)

MUS 325

1 hour from MUS 111-411 or MUS 116-416 or MUS 161

Ensembles totaling seven hours with at least four hours from instrumental


Eight hours of applied brass, woodwinds or percussion

Four hours of applied piano or class piano


3. Minor Required

Note: All students seeking licensure in Music Educati on must minor in Professional

Educati on (Subject Areas). Music Education majors will complete their

methods courses as a part of the major field.

E. Electi ve Courses

*All students seeking teacher licensure must complete a course in First Aid/


**All music majors are required to pass a piano profi ciency examinati on or to

enroll in applied/class piano unti l the examination is passed.


Music Education Vocal Checklist

Music Education Instrumental Checklist