Student Initiated Major

The Student Initiated Major is designed to allow you to tailor your coursework to best meet your future career goals.  You can choose to earn either a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science degree. As with other majors at Bethel, you will take the common core classes that will give you a broad foundation of knowledge upon which to build. With help from your faculty advisor, you will determine your program core as well as your actual major coursework. A minor is not required for the Student Initiated Major, however, your major coursework must be a mix of two or more distinct disciplines. 

No matter which coursework you choose to include in your Student Initiated Major, you will have the advantage of being surrounded by faculty, staff and other students who will inspire you to take what you learn here and make the world a better place. This added value will ensure that you have more than just a diploma, and you will surely stand apart from many others who are competing for the same jobs as you. 

Student Initiated Major

Bachelor of Arts Degree or

Bachelor of Science Degree

A. Common Core (38 hours)

COE 101

ENG 101, 111, 201, 202

REL 111, 112

MTH 111 (or higher)

Laboratory Science Course

HIS - 6 hours 200 Level

HEA 201

PED acti vity (1 hour)

B. Program Core

Determined by faculty advisor and student

C. Student Initiated Major (45-60 hours)

Determined by faculty advisor and student.

Must involve two or more disti nct disciplines.

D. Minor Not Required

E. Elective Courses