Past Productions

THE 2011-2012 SEASON



From the novel by Mary Shelley

Adapted for the stage by Victor Gialanella

Oct. 20-22 & 28, 2011 
Directed by Marion Graham

The Cast:
Victor Frankenstein - Cody Allen
Henry Clerval - Bryan Goode
Elizabeth Lavenza - Anna Sweet
Hans Metz - Spencer Tabor
Peter Schmidt - Brandon Covington/Joy Pointe
William Frankenstein - Ethan Schlegel
Justine Moritz - Elena Spradlin
Lionel Mueller - Jason Wade
Frau Mueller - Ellen Hudson
Alphonse Frankenstein - David Dolan
The Creature - Jeremy Hurley
DeLacey - Roy H. Wilhite, Jr.
THE 2010-2011 SEASON
by Mary Zimmerman

October 4-5, 2010
Directed by Senior Theatre Major, Lacy Alex Warren

The Cast:

Orpheus and Others - Cody Allen
Eurydice and Others - Kelsey Collins
Vertumnus and Others - Jacob Hudson
Alcyone and Others - Sarah Mahoney
Aphrodite and Others - Brittany Presson
Zeus and Others - Logan Pyron
Erysichthon and Others - Justin Ripley
Myrrha and Others - Elena Spradlin
Phaeton and Others - Spencer Tabor
Midas and Others - Nic Tatum
Ceres and Others - Sarah Watson
Pomona and Others - Molly Willis
Invisible Friends
by Alan Ayckbourn
November 11-14, 2010
Directed by Marion Graham

The Cast:
Lucy Baines - Chelsea Fuller
Gary, her real brother - Josh Hayes
Joy, her real mother - Jenna Brandon
Walt, her real father - Roy H. Wilhite, Jr.
Zara, her invisible friend - Brittney Ham
Chuck, Zara's invisible brother - Spencer Tabor
Felix, Zara's invisible father - Bryan Meade
by Phillip Barry

February 10-11, 2011
Directed by Senior Theatre Major, Ellen Hood

The Cast:
Tracy Lord - Lindsay Bowman
Dinah Lord - Faye Taylor
Margaret Lord - Ellen Hudson

Sandy Lord - Jason Wade
Uncle Willie - Seth Segraves
Mike Conner - Cody Allen
Liz Imbrie - Lizzy Sharpe
George Kitt - Jacob Canaday
Thomas -Spencer Tabor
Dexter Haven - Mike Murphy
Seth Lord - Ethan Williams
May - Kaitlin Johns
Mac - Drew Montoya
Dr. Parsons - David Dolan
by Arthur Miller

April 8-10, 2011
Directed by Marion Graham

The Cast:
Dr. Jim Bayless - Bryan Meade
Joe Keller - Clark Cruikshank
Frank Lubey - Jacob Hudson
Sue Bayless - Sandi Walden
Lydia Lubey - Ellen Hood
Chris Keller - Bryan Goode
Bert - Tyler Duke
Kate Keller - Kristin Klonowski
Ann Deever - Sarah Mahoney
George Deever - Roy H. Wilhite, Jr.

THE 2009-2010 SEASON

The Importance of Being Earnest
by Oscar Wilde

October 15-18, 2010 - Bouldin Auditorium
Directed by Marion Graham

The Cast:
Algernon - Rob DeHoff
Lane and Merriman - Jacob Hudson
Jack - Bryan Goode
Gwendolen - Alex Warren
Lady Bracknell - Anna Sweet
Miss Prism - Ellen Hood
Cecily - Lindsay Bowman
Dr. Chasuble - David Dolan
Servant - Spencer Keith Tabor


By David Auburn

February 25-28, 2010
Directed by Marion Graham

The Cast:

Catherine - Lacy Alex Warren
Robert - John Caterina
Hal - Billy Black
Claire - Ellen Hudson