Theatre magnifies life so that we can examine it more closely and appreciate it more deeply. Watching live theatre can be an exhilarating experience, but creating it -becoming a theatre artist- can be a transforming one. Bethel University provides a nurturing, high energy environment for a special breed of growing artists, regardless of the roles they wish to play in bringing their visions to life.

Theatre students at Bethel are members of a supportive artistic community who enjoy an experienced and dedicated faculty in small classroom settings and during the course of a varied production season. The program’s intimacy also allows students many opportunities to gain valuable experience. In some instances, students even get the chance to direct.

Bethel’s academic theatre program covers a wide range of interests-including acting, directing, dramatic literature, theatre history, theatre design and technology. All combine a healthy respect for the written word, practical experience, intellectual curiosity, and hands-on instruction.

Similarly, the Theatre program encourages students to take full advantage of Bethel’s outstanding liberal arts tradition. Access to other disciplines-such as language, science, religion, philosophy, and art-not only makes for more well-rounded citizens, but also for better theatre artists.

We hope you’ll take a few moments to explore Bethel Academic Theatre more deeply through this site. Theatre at Bethel can be a truly transforming experience. We’d love you have you join us!

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"The mission of the Bethel University Speech and Theatre Department is to provide opportunities for the University community to experience and explore the presentation of the human experience as expressed in all aspects and elements of speech and theatrical forms, while maintaining standards of excellence in course work and production values."


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