Associate Degree Track Options

The School of University Studies offers three tracks to suit students' needs. A student can choose among any of the three Associate Degree majors (Accounting, Information Technology or General Studies) no matter which track he or she chooses.

Traditional On-Campus This option is provided for those students who wish to experience the traditional style of learning. This is defined as a completely and entirely on campus, in the classroom lecture/ lab based setting in which multiple classes are taken throughout the day/week and the option to reside on campus and participate in university sports or extra-curricular organizations is possible. 

The Hybrid Option (On-Campus + Online) This option allows for a student who is active within the various university sports or extra-curricular programs to relieve the stress of having to balance multiple classroom obligations with those of the outside organizations in which they may be involved. This option is also conducive for those who wish to experience the traditional classroom environment but need to maintain a part-time or possibly full-time job.   

Online Only This option is solely for those working adults, or those who simply cannot attend a traditional classroom environment. All courses in their entirety are provided via distance learning.