Financial Aid Traditional Undergrads

IMPORTANT NOTICE!! All Financial Aid communication for Bethel University students will be through your Bethel email address. If you are a current student and are unsure about your campus email, please see the Helpdesk for Information Technology in Campbell Hall at 731-352-4040 or

Financial Aid Process

Step 1:

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA will allow you to be awarded federal aid for one academic year. The Academic year runs July 1 to June 30 which includes 3 terms (Fall, Spring, and Summer).  Summer term is considered a trailer to the end of the academic year. You must file a Renewal FAFSA each subsequent year to continue receiving federal aid. 

If you or your family has unusual circumstances that might affect your financial situation, contact the Financial Aid Office.

A. Go to to apply for a PIN with the US Department of Education. The PIN will be used as your signature for the FAFSA, FAFSA corrections, Direct Loan MPN,  and Federal student aid record access.  If you are a dependent student, one parent must also apply for a PIN in order to electronically sign the FAFSA.  Keep your PIN in a secure place as you will use this same PIN each year.
B. Complete the FAFSA online at  Bethel's School Code is 003480.  You will need your current year tax return and W-2's. Tennessee residents must file the FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1 to be considered for the TSAA Grant.  

If additional information is required, you will receive a letter from the Bethel University Financial Aid Office. The US Department of Education randomly selects student FAFSA's for a process called verification. If your FAFSA is selected, the Financial Aid Office must receive documentation to verify the information you reported on your FAFSA. You will be asked to complete a Verification Worksheet and provide a tax transcript of your current year tax return. If you are a dependent student, we will also need a SIGNED copy of your parents' current year tax transcript. All documentation must be received and verification completed before an award package is offered. You may access verification forms here.



View your Financial Aid. Once awarded, your Financial Aid may be viewed in the Student ePortal which is accessed from this website (See the Bethel University Homepage, right column). New students must be accepted for admission before any aid is offered. You will decline each award you do not wish to accept. If your award letter contains a Federal Direct loan, you must also apply for the loan by following the instructions on this website under "Apply for an Education Loan" or by following the links on the ePortal Financial Aid page. IF YOU DO NOT DECLINE ANY OF THE AID LISTED WITHIN 14 DAYS, THEN ALL AID WILL BE PROCESSED ONCE YOU ARE REGISTERED FOR CLASSES FOR THE UPCOMING TERM.   If you still owe a balance after your financial aid is applied, a dependent student's parent may choose to be considered for a Direct Parent Plus loan. Direct Parent Plus loan information is also found under " Apply for an Education Loan".  Another option is our interest-free payment plan.