Honors Program Scholarship

Mission Statement

The Honors Program at Bethel University endeavors to challenge academically gifted students to develop their capacities for analysis, composition, research, and critical thinking in order to increase their preparation for the duties incumbent upon education and achievement. The course of study embraced by the Honors Program both deepens the appreciation of all things human and promotes an interdisciplinary understanding of the contemporary world. As such, the Honors Program is a perfect complement to the Bethel University mission of helping students reach their full potential.


The Successful Honors Student

  • Will thrive in small-group discussion settings.


  • Will enjoy independent work and research


  • Will probably view their baccalaureate degree as the first step toward graduate or professional education.

Plan of Study

We have designed the curriculum of the Honors Program to do three things:

  • Fast-track students through their English and History Common Core requirements with the four-semester Honors Program Colloquia.


  • Build intellectual ability and confidence through seminar-like settings.


  • Facilitate one-on-one research opportunities between students and faculty.



In order to attract the best students and to help ensure that they have access to higher education and the necessary time to devote to their studies, Bethel University is proud to announce that all students accepted to the program will be offered the Honors Program Scholarship worth $10,000 per academic year.

International Student Scholarship

Up to two non-US citizens per year will be awarded the Honors Program International Student Scholarship. This scholarship covers the full cost of tuition, room and board, and all student fees.  To be eligible students must meet all requirements necessary to obtain an F-1 Visa.  Additionally, international students will need a secondary education diploma from their home country, a US high school diploma, or an equivalence exam such as the G.E.D. in order to be accepted into the university. You will also need to submit TOEFL scores to the Office of Admission.


Incoming freshmen should have minimum English and Reading ACT scores of 24 and a 3.25 high school GPA. Interested students should submit applications to the director of the Honors Program.  Online applications are available from the link below, from the Office of Admissions, or from the the Honors Program director at honors@bethelu.edu.
To Apply

Applications will be accepted until all slots are filled. The first review of applications will begin on March 1. Students will be notified of one of three possibilities: 1. Admitted, 2. Wait-listed, 3. Denied. Once admitted, students will have two weeks to accept or reject the offer of admission. After April 15, any student who has been wait-listed or applied after the first round of offers, may be offered a place in the fall class. Applicants must also submit the Bethel University application to the Office of Admission. 

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