International Students

Required for Admission

Official transcripts: Students must submit an official high school
transcript and official college transcripts from each college attended.
Any transfer student who has earned fewer than 12 semester hours
credit must also submit an official high school transcript. A high school
equivalency diploma (GED) may be accepted in lieu of a high school
diploma. A passing GED score is considered to be a 2.0 GPA. A special
education diploma or high school certificate is not acceptable. Students
may be accepted on a partial high school transcript, but a complete high
school transcript validating graduation must be on file before registration.
Graduates from a non-accredited high school must meet one of the
• 20 ACT/940 SAT and 2.0 cumulative GPA
• 19 ACT/900 SAT and 2.5 cumulative GPA
• 18 ACT/860 SAT and 3.0 cumulative GPA
ACT or SAT scores: Each applicant should submit an of􀏐icial copy of
ACT or SAT scores. These scores are not required for students who have
been out of high school for three years or more.
High School Units: Each student admitted to Bethel University must
have earned the minimum high school units as follows, or submit a
passing score on the GED:
• English—4 units (Journalism, speech, or business communications
may not be substituted.)
• Mathematics—2 units (Preferably algebra I and II. Pre-algebra,
arithmetic, applied mathematics, business mathematics, computer
technology, or accounting I and II may not be substituted.)
• Natural/Physical Science—2 units (One unit must be a laboratory
science. Computer science may not be substituted.)
• Social Science—2 units (Foreign language is not required; however, it
is highly recommended.)

Students whose native language is not English must meet one of the following, and in addition must provide scores on the SAT or ACT:

Score of 513 on theTOEFL paper-based exam
Score of 183 on the TOEFL computer-based exam
Score of 65 on the TOEFL internet-based exam
Score of 17 on the ACT English subtest
Score of 415 on the SAT Critical Reading subtest
Score of 5 overall and 5 in each exam area on the International English Language Test 

TOEFL scores are valid for two years from the date of the exam. Scores on the SAT or ACT and TOEFL are required. Any student who obtains a TOEFL internet-based score below 99 and/or an ACT English score of 17 or below will be required to take ENG 015 and ENG 016. If a student obtains a grade of A or B in ENG 015, the ENG 016 will not be required.

*Check out our FAQ's for international students.


The Admission Process

Complete an application for Admission, or use our on-line application.  A $30 application fee should be sent to the Office of Admission as well. Please contact us at 731-352-4030 if you want to pay by credit card. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. Or, you may send your application fee by check or money order to: Bethel University, Enrollment Service Office, PO Box 130., McKenzie, TN 38201, USA.

Next, submit official TOEFL (if you are non-English speaking), and official ACT/SAT scores to the Office of Admission. 

Also, submit a final official transcript or certificate from the high school (secondary school) you attended. Where applicable, your transcripts must be accompanied by an English translation. Also, you may be required to pay an additional fee if an outside service is needed to evaluate any supporting documents, transcripts, etc. For students transferring from institutions outside of the United States, we require that all transcripts are evaluated by one of the following services:

World Education Services (WES): Course by course evaluation $160
American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO): Course by course evaluation $190

(Use of other services is subject to approval by the Bethel University Registrar.)

Next, submit an official letter from a bank or sponsor regarding current finances. 

*Once these steps have been completed, an International Packet will be mailed which will include paperwork necessary to apply for a student visa.

Finally, you must submit your immunization records. Click here for immunization requirements.

We encourage you to apply to Bethel University by November 16 of your senior year in order to maximize financial aid opportunities and enjoy other benefits of an early admission decision. You may apply for admission as soon as you complete your junior year of high school. 

We will notify you of the admission decision within two weeks of the completion of your admission file. 

A deposit of $175 will be required to reserve housing accommodations if you are a resident student. 

All international students are required to purchase the Bethel International Student Health Insurance.


If you have questions or concerns about the admission process for international students, please e-mail the International Enrollment Specialist, Ellen Pruitt, at or call 731-352-4249.
If you have questions or concerns about immigration matters, please e-mail the International Student Affairs Coordinator, Jane Campbell, at or call 731-352-6375.