Dylan Nash, Global Studies, Peer Adviser

"My name is Dylan Nash and I am a history major heading into my senior year at Bethel University.  As a history major I have learned about many places around the world.  Having the opportunity to actually visit them has been instrumental in furthering my education here at BU.  While there are beautiful places all around the globe, as well as within our own borders, it’s the relationships you make with the people you meet on these trips that makes traveling with BU Global Studies so special.  My most memorable travel moments were formed while working with the 6th grade students at Colegio Americano in Cali, Colombia.  On our last day at Colegio, as I was being introduced to the school by the principal,  the entire 6th grade chanted my name loudly as I stepped forward .  In that moment, I knew I was answering God’s calling on my life to be a teacher.  I was brought to Bethel University to play football, and I have played my entire tenure as a student, but I see now the real reason I was brought here was to meet Mrs. Freeman and to serve and learn abroad.  As I move forward and embark upon a career in education, my goal is to provide my future students with the same opportunities that Bethel has provided me. If you're interested in learning more about how you can be a part of the life-changing experiences offered through BU Global Studies, I'm here to help!"

email: dnash78@bethelu.edu