Meet the Renaissance Quartet

Matthew Holt
Director, Pianist
McKenzie, Tennessee

Matthew Holt has been nominated as one of the top five musicians in all of Southern Gospel music for the past four years. He spent the majority of his professional music career with the award winning Southern Gospel group, the Perrys. He started playing the piano at the age of three. He is also making waves as a Christian songwriter. He and his best friend, Joseph Habedank, own a music publishing company... HabeHolt Music. Since its inception in 2006, HabeHolt Music has over 40 songs recorded by well known Southern Gospel artists. "The Rose," recorded by the Inspirations Quartet, has been nominated as Song of the Year. Prior to joining the Perrys in 2004, he was the Minister of Music at Long Heights Baptist Church in McKenzie, TN. Matthew was born and raised in McKenzie and he resides there with his wonderful wife, Lindsey, and his precious little boy, Fletcher, and his beautiful little girl, Ridley. He uses his experiences in the professional music world and church worship with Renaissance. He is the Associate Creative Director of Renaissance, the Bethel Performing Arts Experience.




Bethany Ellis
McKenzie, Tennessee

"I have been singing southern gospel music since I could open my mouth, and  I know that God has placed a calling on my life to do so."  Bethany has won many awards during her ministry, including third and second place respectively in 2009 and 2010 at the National Quartet Convention solo talent competition in Louisville, KY. She is a 2010 graduate of Bethel University with a degree in music perfomance.  She is currently pursuing her masters degree in business administration at Bethel. She also works in the Office of Enrollment Services at Bethel as a Renaissance Admissions Counselor.








Blaine Sumler
Lexington, Tennessee

"I have been a part of the Renaissance Southern Gospel Music Division since its conception. I grew up listening to Southern Gospel music, so it has always held a special place in my heart. At Bethel University, I am able to use the gifts He has given me to spread His word, while performing on stages I never would have dreamed of. Because of the Renaissance Southern Gospel Music Division, I am able to learn and experience things that will only help fulfill the calling that God has placed on my life. This opportunity has been life changing, but more importantly, I get to see other people’s lives changed through the ministry of the Renaissance Quartet. I am thankful that God saw fit to lead me to Bethel University."







Josh Murrell
Paris, Tennessee

Josh Murrell was barely out of high school when be began practicing with the Renaissance Quartet in Julyof 2009. " I have been so excited about being a part of Renaissance and the Renaissance Quartet. I was so happy about even going to the National Quartet Convention, but when they announced us as winners of the talent competition, I was ecstatic!"
Lance Talley
Magnolia, Arkansas

Southern Gospel is the first type of music I was exposed to, and I developed a love for it at a young age. Some of my earliest memories consist of constantly watching and singing along with Southern Gospel programs that my dad had recorded. I listened to various kinds of music growing up and have led in praise and worship the past few years, but Southern Gospel has always held a special place in my heart. God has moved me from my hometown of Magnolia to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and now to McKenzie, where I hope to continue to serve Him in any way He guides me. God has blessed me greatly in allowing me to sing with the Renaissance Quartet, and I hope to use this blessing to not only sing songs with powerful messages, but to communicate to our audience that God’s Word is all anyone needs for direction, change, and comfort in their lives.