Note: Bethel University Broke Ground on a new chapel in May 2012. 


Bethel University has two different types of worship services on campus each week. While classes are in session, we have a contemporary Protestant worship service every Tuesday morning at 11 a.m.  It is held in Bouldin Auditorium of the Dickey Fine Arts Building. Music is provided by students and Renaissance.  Students are also invited to share their gifts and talents with time for special music.

Each week a different preacher is invited to come and preach. One week participants might hear the gospel preached by a Cumberland Presbyterian minister. The next week they may hear someone from a National Baptist Church followed by a United Methodist minister, followed by a Roman Catholic priest. All of the denominations represented in chapel follow the basic tenants of the Apostle’s Creed. Each week we strive to provide a unique service that remains faithful to the orthodox beliefs of the Christian tradition.

During the month of February in honor of Black History Month we invite only African-American ministers to serve as the preachers and worship leaders.  Every semester Bethel is also blessed with the ministry of the Covenant Players from Oxnard, CA. 

Do you like a more liturgical style of Worship? Then Thursdays at 11 a.m. may be the time where you feel more at home in the presence of the Lord. Holy Communion is offered once a week all year long for the students and the employees of the University. This very traditional, yet meaningful service lasts for approximately 15-20 minutes and is held on the third floor of Campbell Hall in the chapel. It provides an opportunity for employees and students to gather briefly to pray, hear the scriptures read, and receive physical and spiritual nourishment.

The Chapel requirements have been expanded for the students who entered Bethel in the Fall of 2013. All Freshmen are required to attend Chapel as part of their College Orientation Experience class.  The second semester Freshmen are required to attend 12 worship services for the semester.  They can attend the Contemporary Service held every Tuesday at 11 in the main auditorium of Dickey Fine Arts Building.  The speakers and ministers will represent a wide array of different Christian denominations.  The service lasts approximately 50 minutes.

Students also have the option of attending a traditional Liturgical Communion Service held every Thursday at 11 on the third floor of Campbell Hall.  Everyone is welcome to attend this brief service, however no one is required to participate.  Attendance at this service would also qualify for a chapel credit for the semester.  This service lasts approximately 30 minutes.

For the academic year 2014-15 all freshmen will have to meet the Chapel requirements listed above for their Spiritual Formation.  Sophomores will be required to attend 6 services each semester.  Once again they will have the option of attending either the Tuesday or Thursday service held every week.

The academic year 2015-16 freshman will need to attend 12 services each semester.  Sophomores will be able to attend 6 services and Juniors will be asked to attend 3 services each semester. 

If there is a reason why you are not able to complete these requirements, exemptions may be granted by the Dean of Students James Stewart.  His office is located at L112 in the Vera Low Student Enrichment Center, or 731-352-4093

If a student fails to attend all the services required and/or does not contact Dean Stewart for an exemption then a $10 charge will be added to their bill of each semester for each service missed.  All the money generated through this fund will go to fund future mission projects that the University will sponsor.

The Chapel program ties into the Mission Statement of the University, to create opportunities for members of the learning community to develop to their highest potential as whole persons – intellectually, spiritually, socially, and physically – in a Christian environment.  The office of the Chaplain and the whole University is striving to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and to help students grow spiritually in a Christian environment.

Still have questions?  You are welcome to contact,

Senior Chaplain, Dr. Anne Hames

113, Vera Low Center for Student Enrichment


and /or

Sandy Louden

L116 Vera Low Center for Student Enrichment