Student Tennessee Educators Association

STEA is a membership organization. The membership consists of university students in the Teacher Education Program. In STEA, teacher candidates seek to improve their understanding of the education profession. In addition, membership in STEA allows students to develop a voice in matters that affect their education and future profession. As an organization, STEA seeks to influence teacher candidates to become a productive member of the community and school. Overall, the Bethel STEA organization strives to encourage its members to influence changes in teacher education, instruction the community and the education profession. STEA members have participated in several hours of community service including:

  • The Very Special Arts Festival
  • Diversity Day at Bethel
  • The Carroll County Humane Society
  • Serving as Tutors at Local Schools
  • Read Across America
  • Organizational Improvement Conferences


Members also conduct continuous work with the Carroll County Special Learning Center.