Under the direct supervision of Bookstore/Mailroom Manager the Mailroom Manager is responsible for the oversight of all day-to-day functions of the student mailroom/bookstore; provides operational supervision of the University's mail and assisting in the Bookstore as needed. Regular work schedule is 10:00 am - 7:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Principal Accountabilities/Responsibilities:

      1.   Complete all book store day to day functions including, but not limited to, answering phones, inputing and updating                        inventory data in merchandise inventory software, processing transactions, completing daily reports, and reporting to                      supervisor.     

      2.  Maintain, organize, and facilitate all book adoptions for College of Arts and Sciences and College of Health Services.

      3.   Maintain budget, general merchandise inventory, and textbook inventory.

      4.   Meet with all vendors, design and order all general merchandise, manage merchandise and textbook websites/social                      media, and target marketing outlets for events and new items.

      5.   Complete all mail room day to day functions including, but not limited to, processing incoming and outgoing shipments,                   retrieving signatures for all packages, delivering and picking up inter-university mail every day,  maintaining an up-to-date               list of mail box numbers and contact information for all eligible students, staff, and faculty.