2009-2010 Hutchins Scholars Named


Cindy Mallard, Interim Academic Dean for the Bethel University College of Liberal Arts (far right) congratulates five Bethel seniors for maintaining a 4.0 grade point average and for being named the 2009-2010 Bethel University Hutchins Scholars. Recipients were from l to r: Joshua Wharton of Marion, Ill., Audrey McClain of Columbia, Brittany Meeks of Fairfield, Ill., Sandy Nasif of Nashville, and Candace Salcido of Portland, Tenn.

A rare, five-way tie resulted in the naming of five Bethel University students for the 2009-2010 Hutchins Scholar award. Audrey McClain of Columbia, Brittany Meeks of Fairfield, Ill., Sandy Nasif of Nashville, Candace Salcido of Portland, Tenn., and Joshua Wharton of Marion, Ill., were each named Hutchins Scholars at the school’s Opening Convocation service on Aug. 25.
     The award is presented each year to the rising, full-time, Bethel senior who has achieved the highest academic average. McClain, Meeks, Nasif, Salcido and Wharton all held a 4.0 average.
     As recipients of the Hutchins Scholar award, each was presented a $500 check, an engraved plaque, and a tuition waiver for each semester of his or her senior year.
     The Hutchins scholar award was established by Bethel in 1976 to honor the generosity and Christian ideals of George and Lottie Hutchins of Marshall, Texas. 
     In establishing the endowed trust, Mr. and Mrs. Hutchins said, “Our supreme interest in life has been religious and humanitarian. We have regarded such advantages, opportunities, and possessions as were ours as a trust from God, to be administered in a spirit of responsibility and helpfulness. As this feeling has grown in us, life has taken on a greater meaning with each passing year. It is in the light of this meaning that we created this trust. We wish this instrument to speak for God, for Jesus Christ, and for the cause of Christianity, which we have sought to serve in sincerity and truth. Because He has done so much for us and through us, we wish to live on in His service.”