Solid Waste Education Workshop Held

Bethel's Department of Education conducted a solid waste education workshop on Wednesday, Feb. 3 on campus. Serving as the speaker was Cynthia Roarbach, the Green Schools Coordinator for the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC). Also attending on behalf of TDEC was Vaughn Cassidy, TP3 Administrator and Environmental Coordinator.
     Education students at Bethel were presented with a number of teaching tools and resources that would allow them to incorporate conservation education into their classroom environment.
     Here, participants took part in an activity with a chocolate chip cookie. The cookie represented the earth and the chocolate chips represented all the coal (the largest source for electricity in this region). The students were each given a toothpick and were asked to try and "mine" the chocolate chips out of the cooke without harming the cookie. The activity demonstrated that it was very difficult to remove the chips without affecting the cookie.
     The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation is helping all citizens do their part for our shared environment through the Tennessee Pollution Prevention Partnership, or TP3. This network of Tennessee households, schools, government agencies, organizations, businesses, and industries demonstrates that pollution prevention protects the environment, saves money, and improves communities. Those interested in finding out more about TP3 can go to