Odom Hall Undergoes Renovations

Renovations on Bethel University’s Odom Hall have begun. Prior to the construction of the Ray and Linda Morris Science Complex, Odom Hall had primarily been serving as the location of science and mathematics operations at Bethel.
     “The renovations to Odom Hall will allow the building to remain a viable part of our campus,” said Steve Prosser, assistant to the president for infrastructure. “The most significant structural changes are scheduled to be completed by the time school begins this fall, however, the building will not be ready for occupancy until some time later.”
     Odom Hall was built in 1951 and it originally served as the seminary. The Bethel library was also in the building. When the seminary moved to Memphis in 1964, the science department assumed the extra space and built laboratories there. After the library moved to Burroughs Learning Center in 1967, Odom Hall became the primary facility for science and mathematics.
     “The planned Odom Hall renovations will create a layout that was very similar to the original one,” Prosser said. “There will be a large plaza in the central area, and a large lecture hall will be in the space that was once the library. The wing closest to the new science building will be designated as a mathematics wing where there will be classrooms, labs and office space. It will be a nice expansion for our mathematics program.”
     Work also continues on a new residence hall that is just north of Wildcat Baseball Park. The new facility will house 250 students and is scheduled to be completed by the beginning of the fall 2010 semester.