Bethel Donates Scientific Equipment

Bethel University has donated a substantial amount of surplus scientific equipment to the Healing Hands International organization.
     Former Bethel student Randy McCadams is shown receiving one of the 41 microscopes given to Healing Hands from Dr. Sarah Roberts.
     Healing Hands International is a non-profit, humanitarian, disaster relief organization that helps to supply medical clinics in third world countries.
     McCadams, a volunteer with Healing Hands, has traveled to Honduras, Africa and the northern provinces of Afghanistan, working with medical personnel in those remote areas. Through the organization, McCadams also teaches soil development and water management through drip irrigation to improve crop yields in arid climates. In addition to the agricultural improvement practices taught, locals are also introduced to methods of food preservation.
     Dr. Roberts, chair, Division of Science and Mathematics, included pipettes, balances, and various other items in the donation that will be used to help improve the lives of people all over the world.