Allin Montford

Allin Montford
What are you doing this summer?
I am currently working with the Children's Theatre program at KPAC in Paris, TN. I am Assistant Directing, Choreographing, and Musically Directing a production of High School Musical Jr. with high school students aged 13-18. Also I am directing a production of Disney's The Jungle Book with 5-8 year olds later on in the summer. It is such a blast to work with these kids and teach them what I've learned from being in shows in high school and at Bethel.
Are you from Paris, TN?


Is this your first involvement with KPAC?

I was in the summer plays at KPAC for several years and my senior year I had the opportunity to work with a group of kids on choreography. Following that I have co-directed a short play; directed a short play; and assistant directed, choreographed, and musically directed a full scale musical.

Have you ever directed at the KPAC before?

This summer is the first time I have been entrusted with directing a full scale musical. It is with a very young group of kids and, I'm sure, will prove to be a very fun and challenging process.

What are you studying at Bethel?

I'm pursuing a degree in Music Education, however I hope to always have a place, I can, not only develop children's musical talents but also their talent on stage.

Why did you choose to major in Music Education?

The reason I opted to major in Music Ed rather than Theatre is that, for the most part, a major in Theatre only opens up a few more doors where as a major in Music Ed grants me the ability to teach music, but also I can take my personal experience from my past theatrical endeavors along with those I will face in the Renaissance Theatre program.

What do you get out of this experience?
I absolutely love watching kids start in the youngest plays and grow. And being able to be a part of that growth is an amazing feeling. One of my favorite moments of being a part of Children's Theatre is auditions. Kids work all year and it’s so amazing when someone comes in that used to be good and blows your socks off with how much they have learned. I hope to always have a part in local theatre wherever I end up.