Kayla Dyer

Kayla Dyer
What are you doing this summer?
I am doing mission work this summer at a deaf Church in Nashville. It's called Brentwood Baptist Deaf Church.
How did you get involved?
How I got involved...Well last summer I went on a mission trip to West Virgina with the Weakley County Baptist Association and my friend and the intern for the BCM at UTM and now Bethel went with us. When we got there our camp pastor had a son who has special needs and was starting to learn sign language. We got super close and I would sign with him a little each day. Well that summer I felt lead to do mission work more during college and to make it a life choice for after college. I said that God spoke through a little boy who couldn’t speak. Also my major at Bethel is special education and I want to work with deaf children. When we were still in West Virginia the intern (Sam) told me about a mission trip that his friend had gone on to Brentwood Baptist Deaf Church and he thought it would be a great idea for me to apply for a summer internship with them so I prayed about it and applied and one year later here I am at that very church! God is Good!
How did you start signing?
I got started with signing through my church. We have always had a signing team. We sign to music. I started when I was in 5th grade. I have never had a sign language class before this trip.
This is my first time working with this church and with deaf people! What an experience!