Daniel Killian

Daniel Killian
What are you doing this summer?
I am doing an internship this summer at Universal Music Publishing, the largest music publishing company in the world.
How did you get involved with this internship?
I got involved in this internship because it is required for me to graduate. And for me the choice was simple, I went to Nashville on career day with the rest of the music industry majors from Bethel. We were exposed to many different areas of the business and I chose to intern at a publishing company. I applied at several, and was surprised to secure an internship at the biggest music publishing company in the world, Universal Music Publishing
What is your major?
 I am a music business major.
What are your duties in this internship?
So far, I have helped update the catalog. I’ve met many famous songwriters, and even talked to a few well-known superstars of country music such as Keith Urban.
What are you planning to do when you graduate?
After graduation, I plan on attending law school specializing in entertainment law.