Bethel Announces Student Health Insurance Plan



It is Bethel University’s policy that ALL students attending class on campus must have valid health insurance. Bethel University is pleased to announce that it is now able to offer a student health insurance plan called First Health. The cost for this plan will be added to each student’s account. Students who already have comparable insurance that is valid while attending school may waive enrollment in this plan. To waive enrollment, students must go to the plan webpage and follow the instructions on the “Online Waiver System” link by AUGUST 24, 2012. Contact Cindy Price, Insurance Coordinator, with questions: 731-352-6923.

The insurance plan details can also be accessed on this site. First Health is a PPO plan and has a $250 deductible per injury or sickness, but this can be waived with a referral from Student Health. Details, including an ID card, can be found on the Ascension website. A link is posted on the Current Students page of the Bethel website. For more information, contact For More Information Please Contact:
Emily Harford
800-955-1991 x105