Actress Cherry Jones visits Bethel Campus


Actress Cherry Jones signed autographs for Bethel Students during her visit on August 15.


Two Time Tony Award Winning Best Actress and Emmy Award Winning Best Supporting Actress Cherry Jones visited the Renaissance Theatre Program on Wednesday August 15th.  Jones is best known for her award winning performances in the Broadway play Doubt and the hit TV series 24.  She is also known for her roles in Signs, The Village, Oceans Twelve, The Perfect Storm, New Years Eve, and more recently AWAKE. 
“Spending time with these kids was a pleasure,” Jones commented.  “When I hear that the theatre is dying, I look to these kids to keep it alive. The opportunities they are receiving with the Renaissance Program are remarkable, and I applaud the directors and the school for their leadership.”
The students asked questions about her favorite role, favorite person to work with and even her favorite food.  Encouraging the students to never give up and to try for anything, Jones told stories about many of her colleagues in the industry that have overcome outstanding obstacles. 
“It is not everyday that you get an actress like Cherry Jones to speak to your students and motivate them to go after their dreams,” added Brian Hill, Director of Renaissance Theatre. 
Jones is a native of Paris, TN and is home for two weeks visiting.  She is a 1978 Graduate of Carnegie Mellon University.