Bethel Students and Community Members Glean Holt Family Farms

Twelve Bethel students and community members helped state representative Andy Holt glean pumpkins from his family farm. Gleaning is a biblical concept where farmers would only harvest a portion of their crops. The poor were then allowed to gather the crops that were left over. Local volunteers partnered with the Society of Saint Andrews, a premier gleaning organization in America, to pick pumpkins and deliver them to five local feeding agencies. The Society of Saint Andrews works with farmers, volunteers and feeding agencies to help feed hungry Americans. Pumpkins were delivered to the Real Hope Youth Center, New Harmony Baptist Church, Long Heights Baptist Church, McKenzie United Neighbors, and the Milan Mustard Seed. The group picked and delivered a total of 750 pumpkins which is equal to about 3,000 pounds. These pumpkins will be given away by the agencies this week along with other food items for the Thanksgiving holiday.
The Society of Saint Andrews and the five food agencies who received the pumpkins were very grateful for all of the volunteers' time and hard work to help feed the hungry.
Volunteers included: Mareike Birmele, Austin Garrigus, Stephen Gillette, Jessica Gray, Isaac Lofton, Russell Pryor, Jai-Quilah Rasul, Candace Salcido, Matt Smith, Josh Sumner, Pollyanna Vitel, and Cathy Yants.