Bethel Wins First at TISL AMC3 Competition


Pictured l to r are Todd Rose, David Ivy, Sasha Arnold and Nikki Barnhill, members of the first place Bethel team at TISL's AMC3 competition. Other team members not pictured are Katie Pope and Kelsie Wynn.


Bethel University claimed first place among 28 other schools at the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature (TISL) Appellate Moot Court Collegiate Challenge (AMC3) Competition this past weekend in Nashville. It was the first ever Bethel team to compete in the competition, who bested Bryan College, Rhodes College and Vanderbilt University in the final rounds.

     Coached by Bethel University Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Todd Rose, the team consisted of Sasha Arnold, who served as head lawyer, David Ivy and Nikki Barnhill, who argued opposing sides of the case and Katie Pope and Kelsie Wynn who aided the moot court in writing their award winning brief and preparing the team for arguments.

      According to Rose, the team was required to submit a written brief and prepare arguments for both sides in a very complicated case.

     “In preparation for the event, this team would often spend up to 20 hours a week practicing and preparing,” Rose said.

     In all, 11 Bethel University students participated in the TISL events at the State Capitol.

     Brooke Childers acted as head delegate this year and worked with Dorinda Myles and Joshi Hilary to write and sponsor bills for the house and senate. Together, they presented the ideas of Bethel students and were able to gain enough support on many of these bills to pass them as mock law. Dorinda Myles was recognized for her advocacy of a particularly heated bill that would require wives wanting abortions to first obtain the written consent of their husbands.

     The delegation did not only participate in the legislative side of government. Emily Durham was honored with an appointment to the governor’s cabinet. Emily worked with the secretary of education to advise the governor and the cabinet on essential pieces of legislation that would influence education in Tennessee.

     Caleb Butler served as deputy clerk in this year’s general assembly. In this role, he oversaw all paperwork, including scoring, for the appellate moot court. Kelsey Wynn, Katie Pope, and Joshua Waugh served as clerks for the supreme court of TISL, keeping time for the court and ensuring that all paperwork was filed appropriately. Bethel’s clerks were commended for their leadership and competence in solving issues and ensuring that the AMC3 competition ran smoothly.

     This is the fourth year Bethel University has sent a delegation to TISL. Since its implementation, Bethel’s delegation to TISL has continuously grown. The organization holds a mock state government every year, wherein students from colleges across Tennessee gain first-hand experiences in the fundamentals of state government.

     For more information on TISL, go to or search You Tube for the tislonline channel.