Bethel Bass Cats Smash World Record and Capture Glory at Bass Masters Event in Florida


Matthew Roberts and Zach Parker


Tavares, Fl. –Bethel's Zach Parker and Matthew Roberts brought in 25-1 on day two to dominate competition by a 9-9 margin of victory in the Carhartt College Series South Regional's on the Harris Chain in Tavares, Florida Saturday.

The two Bethel Bass Cats had the heaviest bags of the event. Bethel set the all-time one-day and two-day heavyweight records at 29-2 and 54-3 respectively for the Carhartt College Series.

The Parker-Roberts day-one effort was the heaviest of the event earning them the award of the Bass Pro Nitro Big Bag of the tournament.

Parker commented, "A sharp cold front which came through on day one actually helped us as the front pushed a lot of the fish out of the shallow water to the drop we had picked as fish were all over that area.

Bethel also had strong performances from Myles Palmer, Dalton Wilson, and others. The Bass Cats had three teams to qualify for nationals.

Bethel Coach Garry Mason was pleased and proud of his entire team. "Bethel is the only college to ever repeat in back to back championships in two different trails. I am so proud of all these young people. Zach and Matthew were just amazing and to break the all-time records is just phenomenal."

Contributing to this article: Shaye Baker