College of Health Sciences Participates in Belize Medical Mission



Over Bethel University’s 2013 spring break, 14 students, faculty, and staff members from the College of Health Sciences traveled to southern Belize to set up medical clinics and administer free medical care. The mission team organized five clinics in five different villages seeing close to 700 patients during the week. Medical care included: assessment of nutritional status and overall health needs, administration of worm medication and vitamins, treatment for parasitic disease, nutritional deficiency, minor skin and respiratory infections, as well as more serious problems that required follow up care, and education about hygiene and illness/disease prevention.

Patients went through the clinics as families and first registered at the triage table. Their name, age, weight, and symptoms were recorded. Three treatment stations were set up with one physician assistant student and one nursing student at each station Each team collaborated to administer care. Once families were registered they went to one of the treatment stations. Before leaving, each family was given a Bible and a care package that included soap, washcloths, toothbrushes, toothpaste, toys, etc. In addition to seeing close to 700 patients and passing out care packages, the team also distributed bags of food to the widows, orphans, and elderly of each village.

The medical team was hosted by Gaither Evangelistic Ministries headed by Randy Gaither. The College of Health Sciences at Bethel University plans to travel annually to facilitate medical clinics for the people of Belize.

Team members included Joseph Hames, Patrick Cafferty, Delecia Parker, Eugene Platt, Matthew Johnson, Tricia Greenwell, Anna Beasley, Christina Aguirre, Ashton Carnahan, Melissa Morales, Kimberly McCormick, Holland Hames, Joshua Sumner, and Candace Salcido.