STAR Leaders Help Freshmen Get Started



Forty-three Bethel students gathered yesterday to begin serving as STAR Leaders during freshman orientation which began today.

     STAR Leaders are upperclassmen at Bethel who spend the week before classes helping incoming traditional undergraduate freshmen adjust to college life. 

Star Leaders for 2013 include: Chase Argo, Kardell Ambrose, Dale Babb, Dedrick Brooks, C.J. Cassell, Austin Comperry, Davonte Dawkins, Josh Hayes, Tyler Hickman, Jared Williams, Hunter Louden, Kelby McCaleb, Patrick McGee, Zach Parker, Chris Paulhus, Adam Price, Dewey Swims, Brandon Tubbs, Larry Whitten, Christian Marquez, James Pittard, Hannah Robinson, Audra Wallace, Kayla Kirkland, Liberty Wells, Jennifer Bryan, Devin Lambert, Ericca McCormic, Caitlin Runions, Kayla Daniels, Taylor Johnson, Chelsey Queen, Kristen Lyons, Rachel Johnson, Lindsey Costello, Dora Buzigire, Leah Watson, Summer Winters, Shawna McAdams, Dao Nyugen, Kelsey Wynn, and Ashton Marton. Helpers and Intern are Aletha Lewis, Stayce Whipple, and Caleb Butler.