Bethel University Fitness Society to Host First-Ever Bethel Fitness Invitational


Continuing a tradition that began during the Fall 2012 semester with the Bethel Fitness Pageant, the Bethel University Fitness Society proudly presents the latest fitness competition for Bethel students: the first-ever Bethel Fitness Invitational!

     It will take place on Thursday, April 17 at 7 p.m., in the Dickey Fine Arts Building (DFAB) Auditorium. The major difference between the Bethel Fitness Invitational and the Mr. and Miss Bethel Fitness show in the fall semester is that those participating in this event were invited to do so based on their successful placements in previous Bethel fitness events.

     The contest is divided into four rounds: Biceps Curl Challenge, Creative Fitness, Athletic Wear, and a Posedown between the top five men and top five women.

     In Round 1, the Biceps Curl Challenge, each competitor will be in athletic wear and will try to curl as much as possible with a set weight for one minute. Ladies will curl a barbell with 5 pounds on each side. Guys will curl a barbell with 15 on each side. The more reps they do, the better the score will be.

     In Round 2 is the Creative Fitness Round. This is new to Bethel fitness shows. For one minute to 90 seconds, competitors can perform any fitness talent they choose. Some of the options are (but not limited to): pushups (two-hand or one-hand), burpees, sit-ups, squats and bench press using people, dancing, aerobics, etc. Participants will be judged based off execution of their routine rather than the routine itself.

     In Round 3, which will be the Athletic Wear round, each competitor will wear his or her favorite workout outfits and pose for the judges and audience. This has been a very popular round in previous Bethel events.

     Round 4 will be the Posedown Round. This round will only apply to the top five men and women. To determine the winners, they will get on stage all at once and do a posedown in front of the judges. Mandatory poses will be done at the beginning, but after that, freestyle rules will apply. Dance, pushups, flex…their top priority at that point is to get the judges’ attention. Getting the crowd hype is a big plus too.

     The top three men and women will receive cash prizes: 1st Place will get $200, a trophy, and a gold medal. 2nd Place will get $100 and a silver medal, and 3rd Place will get $50 and a bronze medal. Special awards to be given out will include Best Arms, Best Legs, Best Abs, Most Creative Fitness Routine, Mr. Personality, Miss Congeniality, and Social Media Superstars of the Night.

     There will be a $2 charge to get in for Bethel students, faculty, and staff, and $5 to the public. Individuals can pay at the door or purchase tickets in advance from any Fitness Society member or the Bethel bookstore. GNC of Paris, Tenn., and Advocare will be set up in the DFAB Lobby prior to the event with free product samples. Bethel student Henrietta Rice will also be performing during the competition as well. For more info, email C-Ray at or call at 731.352.6744. For those on Twitter, use the hashtag #BUFitInvitational2014 in regard to the competition.