Academic Theatre Students Take Part in Local Cemetery Walk


Bethel Academic Theatre Major students participated in the City Of McKenzie “Echoes of the Past Cemetery Walk” this past weekend.  This is an annual event featuring historic figures of McKenzie who established and molded the city and influenced the surrounding communities. The event is held annually and has an open invitation to the public and surrounding communities to attend. 

     Shown l to r are: Roy Wilhite, who portrayed James Monroe 'Roe' McKenzie, a real estate developer, Elena Spradlin, who portrayed Sarah Gates Cole Ridley, a McKenzie Socialite circa 1870, Ryan McCrory, who portrayed John McKenzie, founder of McKenzie, Mallory Sellers, who portrayed Nannie Cole Snead Ramsey, First Lady Of McKenzie in 1884, Bryan Goode, who portrayed William Goldsby 'W.G.,' a prominent business owner of a brick manufacturing company, and David French, who portrayed Benjamin Protius Moore, founder of Bank of McKenzie and a prominent business owner of a general merchandise store.