Important Information about Bethel University Insurance


It is time to get geared up for Fall 2014! This year’s insurance requirements are as follows:

Bethel University Insurance 2014-2015

·         Due to the vast array of classroom and extra-curricular activities associated with the McKenzie campuses, it is Bethel University’s policy that ALL fulltime undergraduate students attending the College of Arts and Sciences and/or the College of Health Sciences must have valid health insurance.

·         You must turn in an active insurance card and go online and opt out of Bethel’s insurance plan if you have valid active insurance.

·         You must go online and opt out by August 22, 2014.

·         You must receive a confirmation number for the 2014-2015 year.  You are not opted out unless you receive a confirmation number.  If you can’t print your confirmation number—I would suggest taking a picture of it.

·         Please note:  Putting invalid information in the system will cause it to be kicked out.  Please make sure you have all your correct insurance information in front of you when opting out.

·         Go to to opt out.  You can also go to and click on current students-then click on student health insurance-then click on the online waiver option.

·         You must use your whole student ID number to opt out.

·         If you do not have insurance you can sign up for insurance.  The cost is $1,300 for the year.  It must be paid in full.  It must be paid prior to classes starting on August 18, 2014.

·         Hernia will be covered under the policy for the 2014-2015 school year

·         If you have any questions concerning the insurance or want to turn in your card –email  You can also bring your card to me in the Vera Low Center.  


We look forward to seeing you for Fall 2014!!

Cindy Hurt

Student Insurance Coordinator