Staff Directory

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University Wide Offices

Office of the President 731-352-6405

Butler, Walter President 731-352-6405
Williams, Vicky Executive Assistant to the President 731-352-6405

Business & Financial Aid -- 731-352-4050

Alsup, Alyssa Accounts Payable Coordinator 731-352-4080
Ashley, Sandra Internal Audit / Chief Accounting Officer 731-352-4242
Bateman, Laura University Financial Aid Auditor 731-352-4007
Borneman, Kim Traditional Financial Aid Counselor 731-352-4060
Bradshaw, Brenda Director of Traditional Financial Aid 731-352-4233
Brasfield, Kayla CPS Financial Aid Counselor 731-352-8406
Brisendine, Lori CPS Financial Aid Counselor 731-352-8414
Bynum, Amy Traditional Financial Aid Counselor 731-352-6418
Callahan, Kim Traditional Financial Aid Counselor 731-352-8426
Chace, April Billing Coordinator 731-352-8421
Clement, Nicole Associate Director of Student Support, CPS 731-352-7630
Cook, Lauren Billing Coordinator 731-352-6904
Cunningham, Clay Billing Coordinator 731-352-8425
Cunningham, Lauren Assistant Director of Business 731-352-6422
Dabbs, Rosa Sr. Financial Aid -- CPS 731-352-8410
Ellis, Bethany Traditional Financial Aid Counselor 731-352-4067
Gallimore, Tonia University Funding Coordinator 731-352-6303
Garner, Gail Billing Coordinator 731-352-8418
Ghyers, Michelle Administrative Assistant to the Director 731-352-4230
Gregson, Amber CPS Financial Aid Counselor 731-352-8417
Holland, Jack Business Office/Compliance Coordinator 731-352-4217
Hudson, Sherrye CPS Financial Aid Counselor 731-352-8413
Huss, David Vice President of Finance / CFO 731-352-4001
Hutson, Karen Senior CPS Financial Aid Counselor 731-352-8402
Jackson, Cathy Billing Coordinator 731-352-6368
Jackson, Jan Billing Coordinator 731-352-6936
Lee, Brandi Director Financial Aid -- CPS 731-352-8423
Legens, Crystal Associate Director Financial Aid -- CPS 731-352-8416
Mayo, Malcolm CPS Financial Aid Counselor 731-352-8412
McCutcheon, Tiffany Senior CPS Financial Aid Counselor  731-352-8403
Megaw, Heather CPS Financial Aid Counselor 731-352-8424
Merchant, Wanda Billing Coordinator 731-352-7626
Ninness, Amanda University Financial Aid Loans 731-352-4025
Pollard, Kendra Billing Coordinator Supervisor 731-352-6369
Priestley, Sherri CPS Financial Aid Counselor 731-352-8401
Ray, Cassandra Traditional Financial Aid Counselor 731-352-4043
Sabin, Dorthea CPS Financial Aid Counselor 731-352-8409
Simpson, Regina Accounts Payable 731-352-6346
Stafford, Lisa CPS Financial Aid Counselor 731-352-8415
Sumner, Tina Director of University Collections 731-352-4011
Tyner-Allen, Toni Billing Coordinator 731-352-8422
Vickers, Trina Senior Billing Coordinator 731-352-8420
Wharton, Cheri University Collections 731-352-4210
Wimberley, Sarah CPS Financial Aid Counselor 731-352-8405

Office of Human Resources -- 731-352-4272

Dotson, Carolyn HR Manager 731-352-4272
Griggs, Marissa Benefits Specialist 731-352-6958
Phelps, Karen HR Payroll Specialist 731-352-4063

University Registrar -- 731-352-6960

Hames, Becky University Registrar 731-352-6960

Office of University Relations-- 731-352-4044

Bannister, Wayne Publications/Creative Media 731-352-4249
  Social Media    
Carlock, Myra University Events/Alumni Events 731-352-4090
Glass, Jennifer University Relations 731-352-4259

 Office of Development -- 731-352-4044

Hearn, Linda Secretary -- President's Office 731-352-4003
Henry, Dale Vice President for University Advancement
Gearin, Kathy Administrative Assistant/Alumni Relations 731-352-4002
McCartney, Keliea Development Operations/Giving 731-352-4044
Page, Brian Advertising Sales 731-431-2296
Thompson, Amy Development -- Director 731-418-0169

University Library -- 731-352-4083

Allen, Rhonda Library -- Public Service 731-352-6813
Campbell, Brandon Library -- Technical Assistance 731-352-4083
Roberts, Suzanne Assistant Library Director 731-352-6915
Whitfill, Jill Library Director 731-352-6913

Institutional Effectiveness -- 731-352-

Norris, Lisa Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness  731-352-6437
Burns, Janie   731-352-4253
McLeese, Ann Financial Aid and Institutional Reporting 731-352-6443
Deberry, Missy Title IX Coordinator 731-352-4298
Campbell Assistant to the President for Strategy 731-352-4046

Bethel University Bookstore -- 731-352-4094

Hampton, Christy Bookstore Manager 731-352-6808
Hidgon, Jana Assistant Bookstore Manager 731-352-6445
Davis, Helen Bookstore/Mailroom Associate 731-352-4094

Office of Security -- 731-352-4045; 731-415-7599

Allen, Laura Security Clerk 731-352-4045
Harris, James Chief of Campus Security 731-352-4042
24/7 Security Cell To reach officers on duty 731-415-7599  

Office of Supplimental Services

Carroll, Ruth Supervisor-Supplemental Services 731-352-6365

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences -- Renaissance Performing Arts Program -- 731-352-6981

Boyd, Bala Associate Technical Director 731-352-4040
Cottrill, Keith Director of Renaissance Regiment 731-352-6354
Doyle, Aubrey Associate Director of Renaissance Theatre 731-352-6986
Griffin, Ryan Director of Renaissance Relations 731-352-6981
Henderson, Elyse Renaissance Administrative Assistant 731-352-6981
Hill, Brian Director of Renaissance Theatre 731-352-6984
Hines, Sean Renaissance Technical Assistant 731-352-6981
Holt, Matthew Executive Director of Renaissance 731-352-6983
Howell, Daniel Renaissance Technical Director 731-352-6980
Johnson, Tremayne Director of Renaissance Percussion 731-352-6988
McCain, Connie Associate Director of Renaissance Choir 731-352-6987
McLeese, Travis Associate Director of Renaissance 731-352-6982
Mougin, Stephen Director of Renaissance Bluegrass 731-352-6991
Sweatman, Dustin Director of Renaissance Choir 731-352-6985

 College of Arts and Sciences -- Office of the Vice President -- 731-352-6702

Gilliam, Lisa Administrative Assistant to the Vice President 731-352-6702
Mallard, Cindy Vice President 731-352-6702

College of Arts and Sciences -- Office of Enrollment Services 731-352-4030

Brown, Mitchell Enrollment Counselor 731-352-6768
Delaney, Terri Enrollment Counselor 731-352-6710
Esch, Christine Office Manager 731-352-6295
Ezell, Hayley Enrollment Counselor 731-352-6289
Fuller, Hayle Dual Enrollment Counselor 731-352-4030
Hodges, Tina Dean of Enrollment 731-352-4032
Houston, Kimberly Associate Dean of Enrollment Services 731-352-6421
Osborne, Brian Enrollment Counselor 731-352-4031
Pruitt, Ellen International Enrollment Specialist 731-352-4249
Williams, Jarred Enrollment Counselor 731-352-6770

College of Arts and Sciences -- Office of the Registrar -- 731-352-6409

Noble, Deborah CAS Registrar 731-352-6385
Parker, Natasha Transcript Evaluator 731-352-6409

College of Arts and Sciences -- Student Services/Student Life 731-352-4225

McGill, Katie Greek Life/Intramurals 731-352-4308
Richardson, Raven Student Activities 731-352-6759
Campbell, Jane International Student Coordinator 731-352-6375
Christian, Eddie Associate Dean of Advising 731-352-6786
Deem, Tan-Gee Office of Veterans and Disability 731-352-4012
Hames, Anne University Chaplain 731-352-4066
Sanders, Sarah Director of Tutoring Center 731-352-4033
Stewart, James Dean of Student Development 731-352-4093
Stone, Heather Student Development Counselor/Career Development 731-352-4246
Sumner, Candace Mission Coordinator 731-352-6380
Wilcox, Janice Student Development Office Manager 731-352-4225

College of Arts and Sciences -- Office of Athletics -- 731-352-6428

Aird, Misty Head Coach -- Women's Soccer 731-352-4229
Belong, Melvin Head Coach -- Men's Soccer 731-352-4252
Britt, Jeff Head Coach - Men's Basketball 731-352-4203
Boyd, Clay Head Coach -- Bowling 731-352-4081
Butler, Ty Director of Sports Medicine 731-352-4294
Chappell, Brad Associate Director of Athletics 731-352-6432
Corbin, Brandon Assistant Football -- Def. Backs/Safety 731-352-4211
Cunha, Michele Assistant Volleyball Coach 731-358-2472
Cunningham, Monte Head Coach -- Golf 731-352-4018
Cupples, Starla Head Coach -- Volleyball 731-352-6436
  Assistant Softball Coach    
Dunn, Kristy Athletic Operations 731-352-6428
Edwards, Bub Head Coach -- Shooting 731-431-8287
Elliott, Chris Head Coach -- Football 731-352-6424
Essary, Jason Staff Athletic Trainer 731-352-4294
Fells, Willie Football Coach -- Defensive Coordinator 731-352-6425
Frazier, Paul Assistant Football Coach  731-352-4244
Geraldi, Larry Head Coach -- Softball 931-264-0030
Hinds, Andrew Staff Athletic Trainer 731-352-4294
Hollowell, Alan Assistant Football Coach 731-352-4213
Holsinger, David Staff Athletic Trainer 731-352-4294
Hurt, Cindy Student Insurance Coordinator 731-352-6923
Jamscek, Stanislay Assistant Women's Soccer Coach 731-352-4229
Jarju, Malang Assistant Men's Soccer Coach 731-352-4255
Jasper, Michael Football Coach -- Offensive Line 731-352-6424
Johnson, Aaron Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 731-352-4234
Kelley, Dale Director of Athletics 731-352-6392
Kilburn, Brandon Head Coach -- Cross Country/Track 731-352-6444
Louden, Kenny Head Coach -- Archery; Assistant Bass Fishing Coach 731-697-3563
Mason, Garry Head Coach -- Bass Fishing 731-352-4206
McCulley, Dave Sports Information Director 731-352-4231
Nelson, Chris Head Coach -- Women's Basketball 731-352-4204
O'Kelley, Zach Director of Wildcat Vision 731-352-6389 o'
Patton, Eric Assistant Baseball Coach 731-693-4597
Perritt, Misty Athletic Administrative Assistant 731-352-6389
Reeves, Jacob Assistant Track Coach 731-352-6389
Rezac, Kayci Head Coach -- Swimming 731-352-6389
Roth, Luke Assistant Football Coach -- Special Teams 731-352-6423
Seat, Suzanne Athletic Trainer 731-352-4294
Smith, Daniel Athletic Trainer 731-352-4294  
Tate, Tyler Assistant Women's Basketball Coach 731-352-4203
Thompson, John Head Coach -- Inline Hockey 731-352-6757
Thompson, Nick Assistant Baseball Coach 731-695-2031
Thompson, Rusty Head Coach -- Baseball 731-352-6757
Wall, Ryan Assistant Football -- Defensive Line Coach

College of Arts and Sciences -- Office of Information Technology -- 731-352-4040

Bomar, Jimmy IT Director 731-352-4034
Coomer, Jamie IT Associate 731-352-6412
Hilt, Regina Application Support Specialist 731-352-6362
Kelly, Mark IT Network Administrator 731-352-6957
Northern, Jarvis IT Help Desk Technician 731-352-6399
Price, Misty IT Help Desk Technician 731-352-6944
Vowell, Benjamin Helpdesk Technician II
Williams, Gary Access Control Manager 731-352-4221

College of Arts and Sciences -- Maintenance -- 731-352-4065

Tanaka, Randy Director of Maintenance 731-352-4065
Chandler, Katie Housekeeping Supervisor 731-352-6408
Maxwell, Ronnie Facilities Maintenance 731-676-5994
Rush, David Director of Grounds 731-352-4065

College of Arts and Sciences -- Office of Residence Life -- 731-352-4096

Andrews, Benjamin Resident Director -- Prosser Hall 731-352-4096
Carter, Peggy Director of Residence Life 731-352-4096
Dickens, Bryan Resident Director -- West Hall 931-572-8001
Etheridge, Deonte Resident Director 731-352-4096
Lucas-Adkison, Kerry Resident Director 731-352-4096
Starks, Autumn Resident Director 731-352-4096
White, Dustin Resident Director 731-352-4096

College of Arts and Sciences -- Student Health -- 731-352-4291

Fields, Natasha Student Health Director 731-352-4291
Esch, Christine Immunization Coordinator/Admissions 731-352-4291

College of Arts and Sciences -- Fitness Center -- 731-352-6447

Watkins, Ray Fitness Center Manager 731-352-6447

College of Arts and Sciences -- Food Services -- 731-352-4091

Cafeteria -- 731-352-4091

Daily Grind -- 731-352-4223

Chick-fil-A -- 731-352-4006

Cary, Glenda Food Services Director 731-352-4091
Glisson, Judy Food Services Assistant Director 731-352-4091
Grissom. Barbara Kitchen Manager 731-352-4091
Brou, Martha Manager of Daily Grind 731-352-4223
Ellis, Tim Day Manager -- Chick-fil-A 731-352-4006

College of Professional Studies

College of Health Sciences

College of Health Sciences -- Office of the Vice President -- 731-352-6381

Hames, Joseph Vice President, College of Health Sciences 731-352-6381

College of Health Sciences -- Recruitment -- 731-352-6382

Hammonds, Kim CHS Recruiter 731-352-6382

College of Health Sciences -- Registrar -- 731-352-6805

Saldana, Karen CHS Registrar 731-352-6805

College of Health Sciences -- Nursing -- 731-352-6466

Crawford, Traci Nursing Recruiter 731-352-6336
Dyal, Rebecca RN-BSN Recruiter 731-352-7660
Norwood, Keisha Office Manager - Nursing  731-352-6466
Griffith, Mary Bess Director of Nursing Program 731-352-6472

College of Health Sciences -- Physician Assistant Studies -- 731-352-7662

Atwill, Sandy PA Clinical Director 731-352-7657
Carroll, Rachel PA Clinical Recruiter 731-352-7653
Ferdinand-Jacob, Gwen Program Director 731-352-7651
Lewis, Stacey PA Administrative Coordinator 731-352-7662
Peeler, Janet PA Academic Coordinator 731-352-7661
Wallace, Tiah PA Admission Coordinator 731-352-7655

College of Health Sciences -- Athletic Training -- 731-352-6802

Watkins, Stephanie Academic Coordinator/Admissions 731-352-6802