Founded in 1842 as Bethel College, Bethel University has grown to embrace and guide more than 5,000 students worldwide each year. In addition to the classes offered at our traditional campus in McKenzie, we now boast six satellite campuses and a full complement of online offerings. That means our students can now earn degrees in 52 different programs in a setting designed to fit their needs. These amazing accomplishments would not have been possible without God’s blessing and the support of our alumni, family and friends! 

To honor our humble beginnings, we are proud to introduce the 1842 Society and we cordially invite you to become a charter member. All funds raised through this endeavor will go directly to our general scholarship programs. As a member of the 1842 Society, you can help ensure the success of Bethel University and its future students, faculty, and staff.

To be a part of the 1842 Society, please donate $18.42 per month (.61 cents daily)
via credit/debit card.

CLICK HERE to donate. 

This process takes only moments to complete, and can change the lives of current and future students for generations to come. 

Thank you for your support 
Welcome to the 1842 Society! 


A Fresh Start at Bethel

"What did a Bethel scholarship mean to me? It was a life-saver, a fresh start, and a chance to put my life on the right path. Having attended two prior institutions (and not thriving, to say the least), Bethel University opened their doors to me. They welcomed me as family and provided exceptional opportunities on and off the field. Those opportunities led to me not only being drafted into the NFL but achieving one of my greatest accomplishments: earning my college degree. So, when you ask what a Bethel scholarship meant to me...I have to say everything!"    

Michael Jasper
Head Football Coach, Bethel University


My Debt to Generous Donors

"While it has been some time since I first entered Bethel as a student, one fact remains as vivid now as then: my adventure in higher education was made possible by the generosity of countless donors. These thoughtful individuals made it possible for students like me to pursue my calling to prepare for ministry. While the ministerial scholarship paid only part of the tuition, along with my savings and my student work-study, I graduated with very little debt. As a result, I was able to continue my studies at the graduate level without interruption. I will always be grateful to these anonymous donors, and am honored to join them in this mission today."

R. David Lancaster
Professor, Bethel University



Blessed by Scholarships

“I was blessed to receive both an academic scholarship and athletic scholarship at Bethel University. This is a special privilege that has allowed me to work as a manager for Bethel baseball and assist with game-day operations. Graduating with as little debt as possible while gaining valuable work experience is something Bethel is helping me achieve.”

LeAnn Webb
Sophomore Biology Major, Huntingdon, TN