Three-Stage Instructional Process

We work as a team to provide our students with a seamless learning experience based on a three-stage instructional process. 

1. Students review material to be covered in upcoming class. Class time is spent discussing the reviewed material, answering questions, explaining concepts, and clarifying understanding. 

2. Students move to the nursing laboratory on campus to demonstrate comprehension of the material covered in class and to practice applying what they have learned. In the Lab, new knowledge is integrated with previously learned content in order to progressively develop each student’s competence and confidence. 

3. Students go onsite at an actual healthcare clinical facility to practice what they have learned—both newly and previously mastered material—in administering patient care under tutelage of the faculty. 

This three-stage instructional process is repeated throughout the program to prepare students to provide evidenced-based, high-quality, safe patient care.

Mission, Vision, & Philosophy 

Program Goals

Guiding Documents