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Customer Relationship Management Certificate (Undergraduate)

College of Professional Studies

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Customer Relationship Management Certificate (Undergraduate)

An Undergraduate Certificate in Customer Relationship Management puts the importance of customer care into a real-world perspective. All classes are taken online and Bethel University College of Professional Studies offers undergraduate certificate programs in six concentration areas. Certificate programs are a quick, affordable way to advance skills in a specific field.

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Course Requirements


Certificate programs require one prerequisite college-level English course and six online courses (18 hours) as outlined below. Credits earned in the undergraduate certificate program can transfer into a bachelor’s degree in the College of Professional Studies. Admission still accepted without college-level English course prerequisite but must be completed before certificate courses begin.

MOD 2150 Business Communications

CRM 3500 Customer Relationship Management

CRM 3800 Customer Service

CRM 4200 Services Management

OL 4300 Consumers & Marketing

CRM 4600 Services Marketing

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