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Healthcare Administration Certificate (Graduate)

College of Professional Studies

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Healthcare Administration Certificate (Graduate)

A Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Administration is for professionals working in hospitals, nursing homes, hospice care, insurance companies, provider networks, or government policy organizations. All classes are taken online and Bethel University offers graduate certificates in four concentration areas for students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree.

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Course Requirements


Graduate-level certificates require 18 hours of specified graduate-level courses in the field of interest. Credits earned in the graduate certificate program may transfer into a Bethel master’s degree later. *

HCA 501 Healthcare Administration

HCA 511 Healthcare Financial Management

HCA 531 Healthcare Policy Analysis and Decision-Making

HCA 541 Human Resource Administration in Healthcare

HCA 551 Leading Healthcare Organizations

HCA 561 Quality Strategic Planning and Execution in Healthcare

*Graduate program credits are valid to transfer for a period of 7 years from time of completion to time of graduation from Bethel University. Admission to Bethel University graduate programs is competitive and is not guaranteed. Please see page 18 for Graduate Admission Requirements and Standards.

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