Alumni Garden

On the lawn, north of Bethel's historical log cabin is our Alumni Garden which serves as a point of identification for persons whose lives have been significantly influenced by Bethel University.


The Purpose of the Alumni Garden

  • To provide a legacy of history for future generations of students and faculty

  • To provide ongoing funding for the mission of Bethel

  • To serve as a setting for various activities for the college and community

  • To provide the opportunity for permanent memorial plaques and individual names in stone

Below are ways you can contribute to the Alumni Garden



Each brick can hold up to 3 lines with 15 characters on each line for a total of 45 characters or spaces. $70



 A limestone plaque can hold up to 6 lines with 23 characters on each line for a total of 138 characters or spaces. $355

Brick Wall


A brick wall holds three trays of bricks and blocks. Every wall will be dedicated to providing a special way of honoring a person or group. A limestone bench can hold up to 175 characters engraved on the seat. This will provide a special way to honor the one you love and respect. $2,195

If you have additional questions about the Alumni Garden, please call the Business Office at 731-352-4044 or e-mail us at