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Alumni and Giving

When you give to Bethel, you do nothing less than change lives. Our donors empower and enable us to provide students the space to become who they were truly meant to be.

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Paying It Forward

I have had the honor of serving as a member of Bethel University’s Board of Directors for the past seven years. Helping to shape the lives of students from all over the world – building on a legacy established more than 175 years ago – is a real privilege and one that I take to heart with every decision I make on behalf of the university.

The education I received at Bethel is second to none. Bethel gave me the confidence to have the successful law practice I enjoy today. It’s impossible to put a price tag on the Bethel experience, but creating such opportunities for deserving Bethel students comes at a very real cost. As a private university, we do not receive state funding – yet we must ensure that every student has the chance to explore their dreams and achieve their goals in a nurturing Christian environment. Keeping tuition costs low and educational outcomes high often results in a financial shortfall. However, we are fortunate to continue to change family trees every day through the generous donations of caring individuals."

Lisa Ramsay Cole
Managing Partner, Lewis Thomason
Bethel University Board of Trustees

A Fresh Start at Bethel

"What did a Bethel scholarship mean to me? It was a life-saver, a fresh start, and a chance to put my life on the right path. Having attended two prior institutions (and not thriving, to say the least), Bethel University opened their doors to me. They welcomed me like family and provided exceptional opportunities on and off the field. Those opportunities led to me not only being drafted into the NFL but achieving one of my greatest accomplishments: earning my college degree. So, when you ask what a Bethel scholarship meant to me...I have to say everything!"

Michael Jasper
Head Football Coach, Bethel University

My Debt to Generous Donors

"While it has been some time since I first entered Bethel as a student, one fact remains as vivid now as then: my adventure in higher education was made possible by the generosity of countless donors. These thoughtful individuals made it possible for students like me to pursue my calling to prepare for ministry. While the ministerial scholarship paid only part of the tuition, along with my savings and my student work-study, I graduated with very little debt. As a result, I was able to continue my studies at the graduate level without interruption. I will always be grateful to these anonymous donors, and am honored to join them in this mission today."

R. David Lancaster
Professor, Bethel University

Blessed by Scholarships

“I was blessed to receive both academic and athletic scholarships to Bethel University. This is a special privilege that has allowed me to work as a manager for Bethel baseball and assist with game-day operations. Graduating with as little debt as possible while gaining valuable work experience is something Bethel is helping me achieve.”

LeAnn Webb
Sophomore Biology Major, Huntingdon, Tennessee

Alumni Garden

The Alumni Garden is just north of Bethel's historic log cabin. The proximity is no accident. As an alumnus, you are an important part of both Bethel's history and its future.

With honorees names' literally etched in stone, the Alumni Garden serves to provide a physical remembrance of what has been as well as funding what's to come. There are three donation levels, each of which offers the opportunity to honor those who have been essential to Bethel's success.



Each brick can hold up to 3 lines with 15 characters on each line for a total of 45 characters or spaces. $70

Donate Here


A limestone plaque can hold up to 6 lines with 23 characters on each line for a total of 138 characters or spaces. $355

Donate Here

Limestone Bench

A limestone bench can hold up to 175 characters engraved on the seat. This will offer a special way to honor the one you love and respect. $2,195

Donate Here

To become part of the Alumni Garden, please call the Business Office at (731)-352-4044 or email Gift Account Specialist, Heather Megaw, at

The Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is the cornerstone that enables us to fulfill our mission of serving students.

Learn More About the Annual Fund

Gifts in Recognition

A gift to Bethel is a wonderful way to honor a loved one and create a legacy that will change lives for generations.

Learn More About Gifts in Recognition

The 1842 Society

The 1842 Society was named for the year Bethel was founded, and its members fund our general scholarship programs.

When you join the 1842 Society, your monthly donation of $18.42 helps ensure the success of Bethel University by ensuring the success of our students, faculty, and staff.

Join the 1842 Society

The Volker Winkler Keep Moving Forward Fund

Dr. Volker G. Winkler was a consummate teacher and mentor in the healthcare field. He helped advance medical services in the community. And one of his greatest loves was swimming, and teaching others to swim in the Gaines Pool on the Bethel University campus.

To become the state-of-the-art aquatic center that Dr. Winkler had always envisioned, the Winkler family requests that all memorial donations be made to The Volker Winkler Keep Moving Forward Fund. Your support will improve the health and increase the enjoyment of students and members of our community for many years to come.

Thank you for your generosity,
The Family of Dr. Volker G. Winkler

Donate to the Volker Winkler Keep Moving Forward Fund

The Log Cabin Society

The Log Cabin Society was established by Bethel's Board of Trustees in 1980 to recognize those who have generously included the college in their planned giving programs. Since that time, hundreds of Log Cabin members have chosen to include Bethel in their wills, in a living trust, made arrangements for a life estate contract or a gift annuity, or made Bethel the beneficiary and owner of a life insurance policy.

The primary requirement for membership in the Log Cabin Society is to furnish Bethel evidence, e.g., a copy of that portion of the planned giving instrument that pertains to Bethel University, of your intent.

To become a Log Cabin Society member, please call the Business Office at (731)-352-4044 or email Gift Account Specialist Heather Megaw at