The College of Health Sciences invites applications for the position of Assistant Professor of Athletic Training and Preceptor Educator. This is a full-time faculty appointment that requires a workload of 24 hours. The position will include but not be limited to: responsible for teaching of didactic courses, laboratory, clinical and integration sections within the athletic training program; serve as an advisor to facilitate and guide the progress of students toward achievement of course and program outcomes; assist the Clinical Education

Coordinator with Preceptor education and annual clinical site visits to ensure compliance with CAATE standards and stated program goals and objectives; work with the Program Director in preparing the self-study and annual reports.


Applicant must have a minimum of a Master’s degree (doctorate preferred), 3 years of experience as a BOC certified Athletic Trainer in good standing and must hold or be eligible for Tennessee licensure as an Athletic Trainer. Applicants must have demonstrated success teaching at the college level in a CAATE approved program and a commitment to professional development and the ability to work collaboratively