Chapel Requirements


All full-time traditional undergraduate freshmen, sophomores, and juniors (including transfers and commuters) are required to attend the weekly worship services. This requirement can be fulfilled by attending the Chapel service on Tuesdays and/or the Communion service on Thursdays. Chapel requirements for each class are as follows:

Freshmen: 12 services per semester

*First semester freshmen will attend the Chapel service on Tuesdays as part of the College Orientation Experience (COE) course requirement. All other freshmen can attend any of the weekly worship services to meet the requirement.           

Sophomores: 6 services per semester                            

Juniors: 3 services per semester

If, in extenuating circumstances, students cannot attend the weekly services, they can put the love of Christ into action by giving an hour of community service for each required worship service. Contact Candace Sumner, the Mission and Outreach Coordinator at 731-352-6380 or to identify local community service projects. To receive credit for community service, students must complete the Community Service Log and return it to the Mission and Outreach Coordinator no later than the Monday of final exam week. Community service projects must be completed during the semester for which Chapel credit is to be earned.

If students choose not to attend the weekly services or participate in community service, the final option is to donate $10.00 for each required worship service to Bethel community service projects. If students do not meet the semester requirement, a $10.00 non-compliance fee for each required worship service will be the default option. All money collected will go towards Bethel community service projects.

Every student is given the opportunity to worship God through song, the Lord's Table, the use of hands and feet in the community, or by giving. The way you worship the triune God is up to you. 

In extreme hardship cases the Dean of Student Life, James Stewart, will grant exemptions from attending the weekly services on a case by case basis. Dean Stewart can be reached at or 731-352-4093. His office is located at L112 in the Vera Low Center for Student Enrichment.

If you still have questions, contact a member of the ministry team listed below.

Dr. Anne Hames, Senior Chaplain

Phone: 731-352-4066


Office Location: C114, Vera Low Center for Student Enrichment


Darnell Neder, Mission and Outreach Coordinator

Phone: 731-352-6380


Office Location: C113, Vera Low Center for Student Enrichment