Welcome to Christian Life!

If you are looking at the possibility of attending a Christian university, I want to invite you to take a serious look at the opportunities that are awaiting you in McKenzie, Tennessee. As a small Christian liberal arts university, we can offer you a unique opportunity to be a part of a rich, diverse heritage, an exciting, challenging course of study and a hopeful future.

The Cumberland Presbyterian Church believes that the reason we exist is to glorify God and to enjoy the Lord forever. Glorifying our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is not just a task that should be restricted to one area of our lives. At Bethel University, we strive to help students obtain their educational, religious, physical, and social goals in a Christian environment. That is our Mission Statement and the basis of every aspect of the college.

The friendships you form in college often last for a lifetime. In this setting, you will have an opportunity to meet other Christian students from all over the world. 

Please come explore the possibilities that the Lord may be calling you to at Bethel University. Then together let us boldly go into the future glorifying our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as educated and faithful disciples.

Rev. Dr. Anne Hames

Senior Chaplain