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PA Program
Paris Campus, Bethel University
302B Tyson Avenue, Paris, TN 38242
Telephone (731) 407-7650
email: paprogram@bethelu.edu


Directions to Bethel University PA Program

We are located adjacent to the Henry County Medical Center Diagnostic Center and across Tyson Avenue from the Henry County Medical Center in Paris, Tennessee, approximately 18 miles north of the Bethel University main campus in McKenzie, Tennessee.

Scroll down on this page for information on hotels and directions from Nashville and Memphis airports.

Directions from Nasvhille

Directions from Nashville International Airport:

1. Start out going south on Terminal Dr. 0.06 mi

2. Turn slight right toward Departures/Ticketing/Check-in. 0.7 mi

3. Turn left to take the Donelson Pike North ramp toward I-40. 0.2 mi

4. Merge onto Donelson Pike/TN-255 N. 0.5 mi

5. Merge onto I-40 W via the ramp on the left toward Knoxville. 90.4 mi

6. Take the TN-69/US-641 exit, EXIT 126, toward Camden/Paris/Parsons. 0.2 mi

7. Keep right at the fork to go on US-641/TN-69. 35.0 mi

8. Turn left onto Memorial Dr/US-641/TN-69. 0.6 mi

9. Turn right onto Mineral Wells Ave/US-641/TN-69. 0.8 mi

10. Take the 2nd right onto Tyson Ave/US-79/TN-76. 0.6 mi

⇒ 302B TYSON AVE is on the left.


Directions from Memphis

Directions from Memphis International Airport:

1. Start out going south toward Jim McGehee Pky. 0.2 mi

2. Turn left onto Jim McGehee Pky. 0.1 mi

3. Turn slight left to stay on Jim McGehee Pky. 0.1 mi

4. Take the ramp toward I-240/Rental Car Return. 0.4 mi

5. Turn slight right onto Jim McGehee Pky/Plough Blvd. Continue to follow Plough Blvd. 1.4 mi

6. Merge onto I-240 E toward Nashville. 11.4 mi

7. Merge onto I-40 E via EXIT 12C toward Nashville. 69.9 mi

8. Take the US-45-BY-PASS N exit, EXIT 80B, toward Humboldt. 0.2 mi

9. Merge onto US-45-BYP N. 5.2 mi

10. US-45-BYP N becomes US-45 N/TN-5 N. 1.5 mi

11. Merge onto US-45E N/TN-43 N toward Milan. 13.4 mi

12. Turn right onto E Van Hook St/US-79/US-70-ALT/TN-76/TN-77. Continue to follow US-79 N/TN-76 N.   36.9 mi

⇒ 302B TYSON AVE is on the left.


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