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Assessment Coordinator

Under the direct supervision of the Chair of the Division of Education, the primary responsibility of the Assessment Coordinator is to maintain the education unit database, including data collection, aggregation, and management, and to generate appropriate reports as required by the unit head and/or the designated faculty member in charge of the assessment system. Other responsibilities include working collaboratively with unit personnel to refine the overall assessment system to improve the unit and its programs and assist the Director of Clinical Experiences by managing the data aspect of field experience placements.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Create, disseminate, and correlate multiple unit surveys/evaluations, including course evaluations, advising survey, program exit surveys, alumni and employer surveys;
  2. Enter appropriate data in the unit database on a semester-by-semester basis for applicants to the program, candidates in the program, graduates of the program, and overall unit operations, including the assessment of field experiences;
  3. Provide unit personnel with data summary reports for various aspects of candidate and graduate performance, as well as unit operations, necessary to review and modify unit processes and make unit effectiveness recommendations;
  4. Work collaboratively with appropriate campus and unit personnel to refine the overall assessment system by developing standards and guidelines to guide the use and acquisition of data to improve the unit and its programs;
  5. Provide the Director of Field Experiences with data management and reports for all field experience placements;
  6. Develop familiarity with CAEP institutional reports, Board of Examiner Reports, and unit rejoinders in order to respond to questions raised by on-site reviewers;
  7. Assist the unit head in completing reports required by CAEP, AACTE, the Tennessee State Department of Education, and the Tennessee Higher Education Commission;
  8. Demonstrate the ability to be flexible and respond to changes in standards that require the change in data management duties and the development of new skills in data management technologies.

Minimum Qualifications:

Must have an associate degree and strong computer skills. Knowledge of TDOE/CAEP accreditation requirements including a working knowledge of the Standards and reporting requirements is preferred.

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