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Graduation & Records Clerk

The Graduation and Records Clerk is primarily responsible for the management of student academic records and verifies that students are meeting graduation requirements within policy and procedure set forth by the University. Also, the Graduation and Records Clerk works to ensure the integrity of student data entered into the various systems and coordinates activities with the Transcript Clerk, Transcript Analysts, and other stakeholders to assist Bethel University in reaching its enrollment goals.

Principal Accountabilities/Responsibilities:

  • Conducts Degree Audits to ensure graduating students meet the academic requirements as set forth by the University.
  • Assists with the coordination of all activities and preparation for graduation ceremony for the College of Professional Studies.
  • Communicates with the University’s Registrar about degree audits and conferrals.
  • Uses RADIUS to assist with tracking outstanding transcripts and admissions documentation.
  • Enters grades for the College of Professional Studies, which includes monitoring grade changes (ECAMS).
  • Builds program calendars/course offerings in the academic system, ECAMS.
  • Assists with reviewing student records for Academic Standing
  • Maintains knowledge of Academic Policies, Transfer practices, and the use of office tools/systems (ECAMS/RADIUS).
  • Performs related accountabilities/responsibilities as required or directed.

Minimum Qualifications:
High School Diploma or equivalent experience of minimum two years in higher education, record keeping, clerical or administrative experience; Proficient in MS Office.

Status: Full-Time
Reports to: Registrar

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