ePortal for Traditional Students

ePortal provides Bethel University students access to the University's Campus Administrative System (CAMS) which is a central repository for all student information.

Students can access attendance records, grades, housing information, class schedules, transcripts and a wealth of other important data.

Access to ePortal


Student Mobility (SmartPhones and Tablets)


Technical Support

For technical support, resetting a password, or other problems - please complete this form.


Student Login Instructions

Bethel University uses the same format for all student usernames: 

First Initial of First Name (in CAPS), Full Last Name (first letter in CAPS) and the Last two digits of the SSN

(Example:  John Smith,  123-45-6789 = JSmith89)

The password for the Student ePortal all 9 digits of the SSN: (Note: No hyphen)             

 (Example: 123456789)

Logging into the Student ePortal:

User Name:  your username as described above

Password:  You should change your password immediately after login for the first time.)

Note:  Password field should be changed immediately after login for the first time.  In the interest of security, you should change your password every ninety (90) days – See Tips for Creating a Strong Password.  

Student Portal Manual