Freshman Year Experience

Freshman Orientation Experience

August 16-18, 2019

Freshman Orientation is mandatory for all entering freshmen. Orientation allows you the opportunity to make the transition from home to college successfully. Orientation is a great way to get familiar with the campus and your incoming freshmen classmates. Studies show that students who attend orientation have higher grade point averages and are likely to graduate sooner!

Freshman Orientation is part of your grade for the College Orientation Experience course (COE102) required for all entering freshmen. 

This course is designed to assist first-year students with an opportunity to learn about themselves and adjust to college life. It sets the groundwork for meeting educational goals in academic, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. During this class, you will receive your laptop. Topics for this course include: study skills, financial aid, library orientation, college catalog and curriculum, registration overview, and assessments that will provide a foundation for developing and enhancing a student’s critical thinking abilities, campus life and social issues.

For all questions related to Freshman Orientation, please contact 
Sandy Louden, Associate Dean of Freshman Year Experience for the College of Arts & Sciences