Graduate Assistant for Greek Life and Intramural Sports:

  1. Assist with the planning and programming of Intramural Sporting events including Open Gym; work with the Director of Greek Life and Intramural Sports to plan the Intramural schedule for the semester, assign referees/student workers, reserve facilities on or off campus, and insure that we have the proper material to complete each activity; and
  2. Oversee and manage the Intramural sporting events, making sure that the rules and regulations listed in the Intramural handbook are followed and all referees/student workers are performing their assigned duties; and
  3. Oversee and manage all Bethel University Intramural social media accounts, making posts frequently to keep up student interest; and
  4. Assist with the creating surveys and ways of collecting data on the success and student, faculty, and staff participation in Intraumural Sporting events; and
  5. Handling Intramural Prize money as well as keeping up the receipt book up to date; and
  6. Research and report on other Universities Intramural sporting events so that Bethel University can keep up with other Universities of it's likeness on Intramural trends; and
  7. Oversee and manage Open Gym in Baker Field House. Ensure that the scheduled student workers are doing their assigned duties and report any absences or discrepancies to the Director of Greek Life and Intramural Sports; and
  8. Assist the Director of Greek Life and Intramural Sports with other duties as assigned.